Wasabi API, polling active storage

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Programatically fetching your quota/active utilization, etc. from Wasabi (wasabi.com) is pretty straightforward with their API.

1) Create a user at https://console.wasabisys.com/users with API-access

2) Create access keys for new subuser and assign permissions via policies. My user has the following policies assigned: WasabiReadOnlyAccess, WasabiViewAuditLogs, WasabiViewBillingAccess and WasabiViewEventNotifications

Query their API like so:

curl -H "Authorization: ACCESS-KEY:SECRET-KEY" https://billing.wasabisys.com/utilization

Note that no type of Authorization is set, no "Basic", "Digest", etc.

Getting this via jQuery is trivial, I've written a simple script for it you can try out.

Replace ACCESS-KEY and SECRETKEY on line 7 with your credentials.